Abeni El Amin


Given the substantial and multifaceted landscape of online graduate education, a competency in this setting is essential for educational leaders. Therefore, educational leaders assist organizations to accomplish online graduate education objectives in a rapidly changing environment. Consequently, an organizational decision-making framework is critical when initiating change management for online graduate education. While educational organizations are generally driven by external demand, they also have to manage internal goals. Global competition is a dominant influence when recruiting, admitting, educating, supporting, and retaining students. As a result, the traditional responsibilities of educational leaders have been redefined. Presently, the objective is to determine transformative solutions and innovative strategies to market graduate programs and enroll students in various subjects. Innovative strategies are needed to develop program metrics, meet global career demands, manage resources effectively, and promote stakeholder engagement. Finally, stakeholder engagement is vital to the change process when transforming online graduate programs to meet global career demands.


Literature Review (Non-Peer Reviewed)