Megh Dangal Rubin Maharjan


This article examines the health problems due to online learning that might have ensued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal. Any sort of physical contact or social gathering was strictly prohibited during the lockdown, causing educational activities all over the world to be dramatically affected. In Nepal, in-person activities at all schools and universities were completely shutdown. An emergency response in the form of online education was viewed as the only option. For some universities moving on to online education was not a big deal, but for a poor country like Nepal, it was a big jump from traditional classroom teaching and learning to online classes. Almost more than eight months of online classes have brought a massive challenge as well as an opportunity for the education sector in Nepal. So, the perspective from teacher’s and student’s health problems, challenges, and opportunities during online classes were discussed for an equal and a sustainable education. Further exploration of more online platforms can be done, with a variety of golden opportunities that could be fulfilled from innovative ideas to enhance the quality of education better than traditional classroom learning.